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Our Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils are classified as Mild, Medium, and Robust. Many producers will blend their oils to create a consistent flavour palate for each year. We have chosen to produce single varietals to focus on the characteristics of each variety -  Picual, Frantoio, and Leccino. The weather also plays a part in the flavours produced as does the time chosen to harvest. Wetter years can produce less robust oils and later picked olives are often softer on the palate and may not keep as long. Our preference is for extra virgins with lots of flavour and often this means they are more robust or peppery.

Each year we enter competitions to guarantee the quality of our oils.  In 2023 all of our single varietals received gold medals at the Australian International Olive Awards. This show has entries from all over Australia and overseas and judging panels in Australia and other olive producing countries such as Italy and Spain. The 2024 results from this year’s Australian International Olive Awards will be announced in October 2024.  


Judges comments for our 2023 gold medal winners:


Fresh aroma of mixed green herbs, freshly picked salad leaves, citrus blossom, and tomato stem. Great transfer to the palate with additional sweet tropical notes and savoury green almond. Creamy avocado mouthfeel. Balanced bitterness and pepper with a slight green astringency that adds texture and interest to the oil. A lingering flavourful finish with a rocket and black peppercorn kick.


A clear note of fresh almonds, green olives, and lemon leaf aromas. Very elegant and attractive. Great transfer to palate. Very pleasant spicy white pepper in an intense long elegant pungency. The flavours of almond and liquorice mixed together create a complex mouth with a long finish.


Good intense aromas of fresh green olive, aromatic herbs, spice, ripe banana, and camomile. Lovely transfer of aromas to the palate. Good creamy mouthfeel. Intense pungency and bitterness with walnut and liquorice notes and a thistle finish. Good persistence and nice harmony.

All three 2024 varieties are available in 500 mL bottles and 4 litre tins.

Our 2023 oils have  sold out.

Flavoured Oils

Chilli Agrumato

The recent long warm summer on Mount Bernard meant a profusion of chilli varieties which when crushed with our Leccino olives has produced a chilli oil of spicy aromas and hot chilli on the palate.  Heaven for those who like hot things! Our 2024 chilli oil is available in 250 mL bottles. 

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