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Mount Bernard Olives is a signatory to the Australian Olive Association’s Code of Practice which guarantees the authenticity and quality of certified products and distinguishes them from imported products. We offer online sales or alternatively visit one of our Local Stockists.

Online Sales


Our 2024 varieties of extra virgin olive oill are available in 500mL bottles and 4 litre tins.

Our chilli oil is available in 250 mL bottles.


Fresh and intense green fruit aromas including tomato leaf, green olive and rocket. Light fresh mouthfeel. Well balanced spicy bitterness and pungency. Long lingering finish.


Fresh aromas of tropical fruits, red apple and spice. Rocket and green tea flavours on the palate, light clean mouthfeel. Warming pepper on the throat with balanced bitterness and pungency.


Medium intense aromas of artichoke, grass, snow peas. Smooth and creamy on the palate. Mid levels of bitterness and astringency with a late slight peppery finish.

Chilli Oil

Our 2024 agrumato chilli oil has been made by crushing a variety of chillies grown on our farm with Leccino olives. Spicy aromas with hot chilli on the palate and an amazing red colour.

Local Stockists

Purchase Mount Bernard olive oil at these local stockists:

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